Monday, January 31, 2005

nothing much

so nothing much is going on... i just thought that i would say that. hey we should start making fun of john t. cause he doesn't have a blog either!! hahaha... thats fun.
welp, i have nothing at all to say. so leave me comments about what to talk about in my next post


p.s. i sure hope that caroline will get her blog fixed soon!! i miss her!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

ice ice baby!! (da da da da da da)

so for anyone who didn't know, ice ice baby is a song, and they say da da da da da... haha

its nothing but ICE out there!! the trees are covered in ice!!! so no chances of going out or anything... church was cancled cause no one would be able to go...

may i say that us bloggers have had a victory. we have pulled in another blogger. Sarah, (aka smk) has joined the blogging chain. ha! 3 more to go!! if we can get ruthmarcemma to get a blog, our task will be complete!!

well i have nothing much to say... so i'll be going!!


Thursday, January 27, 2005

totally flippin'

hello everyone!!
i just think its totally flippin' how we can all keep in touch through these blogs. i mean, ~rich is in another continent, carey and "UDave" are in another state, and dad is in the living room... i mean wow...;) everyday i check out the posts and then the next day i get up and ~rich has added all this stuff while we are sleeping... of course its daytime there while its night time here... was that hard to get used too ~rich and jenny jo? it would be very confusing.


American Idol is awesome this year. its so funny. and there was this adorable guy that was a christen and prayed before he went in, and his job was leading praise and worship at his church. and he had an awesome voice. well i have to go!!! i'll write more later!


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

the weather, which is really UDave, and singing...

hey there world wide web,

so, how is everyone doing? i'm fairly well. another week of school has started. thats okay... did y'all know that i might get to go the school that addie and emma go to? yep. i might. i want to. i think it would be a nice change. anyway, i just thought i would update.

does anyone know who the real UDave is? we seem to have two at the moment. which is which? how can a person tell?

so the snow didn't end up sticking... very disappointing. and then this whole past weekend it was supposed to snow, but it didn't... very sad.

well i had a full fun weekend. i went out of town with my chorus. it was fun. we went to a chorus workshop and worked on our voices with other choirs too. friday we got there at like 6:30pm and had rehursal until 9pm and then the next day we had 8 hours of singing. it was a lot, but it went by really fast. we had a fun conductor. anyway...
well i have to go. x's and o's!


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

walking in a winter wonderland... Finally!

hey people!! so it is FINALLY acting like winter should. i've been very ill at this warm spring weather in january. so i was very excited to notice this morning that it has started snowing!! so its even sticking too!! yea yea yea!! i feel sorry for Charlstongirl and ~rich... they are in hot places... so i'm wondering, ~rich, whats the weather over there? i doubt that you and Jj are roasting chestnuts over an open fire though.

i'm still trying to convince emma to get a blog... but i think she still holding out because she doesn't want to get a blog since everyone else did... well i will still work on her. i have to go now, so i'll talk to y'all later!!


Monday, January 17, 2005


so today it has been freezing!! and that was funny, cause i had to sing with GYC at coldstone ice cream to promote our trip to Europe! haha... but who wants to go buy expensive ice-cream when it is 30 degrees outside!! haha.. anyway... then we went to the mall, and i followed mom and addie around for an hour... (not that fun...) but then we went to American Eagle and i got some adorable pink ugs!!! they were only $10! so I bought them. so yeah. so this weekend i'm going to Charlotte for a chorus workshop. so the whole weekend, i will be singing.... i hope i won't get horse like i did last time!! hehe... well i have to go... i've got a really bad head ache so i'm going to go read a book. so i'll talk to y'all later!!


Friday, January 14, 2005

its different now

so does everyone like the way my blog looks? do you like the tital? anyway, i wanted to make sure everyone liked it!! well i have to go cause its late. i was thinking about it and, pretty much, when we are going to bed, ~rich and jenny jo are just getting up and begining a new day! how weird!! did you know in the north pole its light through the whole day and night in the summer?? and dark through the whole winter??? haha... random.. well i hope i have improved your education on the north pole.... ;)


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

help needed

so, i want a cool name for my blog. so leave a comment and tell me what you think it should be



so a great big Happy Birthday to my oldest sis!! she is getting up there you know!! ;) she is so wonderfully delightful, that you can't help but just adore her. she is the most beautiful person, inside and out! she's got more spice in her personilaty (spelling?) then a those candy Fire Ball!! she's so fun to be with, and i look up to her so much. she is the "model" of the best older sis, who no matter how old i get, can still be my babysitter, and and the model Christen for me. she puts God first in everything she does, and i think she is so awesome, she deserves an Oscar just for being her. and she has the BESTEST laugh. one day i'm gonna type record it so that i'll have it forever!! ;) Carey, if you live to be 100, i want to be 100 minus one day so that i'll never have to live without you (-Winnie the Pooh... lol)... and i really would take a bullet for you (-princess daries two)... you rock, don't EVER change! (and i mean that)

In other news...
well i really don't have much more going on, so i'll go. ttyl


p.s. one last thing that i want to dedicate to Carey: Yea i'm a lama again!!!!.....wait....?? LOL!

Monday, January 10, 2005

singing in Duke

this is somthing i got off of my dad's blog. its about when i sang at Duke, and i thought y'all would like to read this, and cause i would take me a really long time to write it. so here is what dad said:

"Today was a cool day! At about 1:30 pm, I called MC and PPP and left a message on their answering machine (they weren’t home). The message went like this: “Well you’ll absolutely, never guess who I sat beside at church today!”The morning started early. Much like any weekday morning. My alarm went off at approximately 6:30 am. At about 6:45, I forced myself out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen to turn on the coffee. As usual, lights were already on in the kitchen. Grace was up too. The fish in the aquarium were hungry, so I fed them. Then I “jumped” in the shower. Grace and I left for church a little earlier than usual. We had a little bit longer trip this morning. Grace, as a member of The Cantabile Singers, was again performing. On this Sunday morning, at Duke University Chapel!The Cantabile Singers are the most accomplished and advanced division of the Greensboro Youth Chorus. This group is comprised of older middle and high school youth, under the direction of Ann Doyle. GYC has participated in local, regional and international choral events including festivals in England, Germany, British Columbia and the US. Their summer tour will include prestigious performances in London, Paris and Canterbury Cathedral. Needless to say, I am proud of my Grace!At Duke Chapel this morning, the group was the “guest choir.” They opened the service with “Ave Maria” and “There is No Rose.” The Offertory was “My Shepherd Will Supply My Need.” Finally, the Anthem, “Behold a Rose Now Springing.” The Cantabile Singers were truly wonderful, helping to make the entire experience a very worshipful one.Anyway, as I was seated, prior to the service, I was contemplating those who had gone before -- those, especially in our family, who had, in times past, worshipped in this magnificent place. My thoughts were on Pa’s children and grandchildren. I looked up and in walked MC's cousin, Libby and her husband, Harry Whitaker! After quick hellos and hugs, I told Libby why I was there. As I was about to point my sweet Gracie out to her, she said 'Oh I see her, she looks just like Chachi!'"

so thats pretty much what happened. ttyl


p.s. if you've ever been to Duke Chaple you would know it should be called Duke Cathedrial!! its HUGE!

Friday, January 07, 2005

somthing exciting

okay, so this isn't very exciting, but this is what i did today:
well i went to my classes orintation, and that went well. the meeting was all about those rowdy teens that always drive around in the parking lot, and mess up the property, so they got a big speech, but since i am not one of those, it did not apply to me, so i don't know why i had to go. anyway, then we went and got some luch, and drove over to Nannie's house to eat it. while we were there, Marc randomly came. he had to do some work there, so he hung out with us as well. then we went to the mall to get me some new jeans, since mine have a hole in them. i know, not exciting, but i wanted something fun to write about.

did you know i'm gonna sing with my chorus in Duke Chaple? yes i know, its DUKE, but i have no choice. i might wear my Tar Heel t-shirt!! no jk... but it will be a streach for me to go there... i would much rather sing at Chaple Hill. but oh well.

so i have a million and one things to do, so i have to go, but i'll write more later.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

joining the club

hey everybody!
i just thought that i would join the club that has spread through the Kornegay family. i'll write more later, but i have to go, so ttyl