Saturday, February 26, 2005

whats with the chimp and the bug?

hahaha... so i bet your wondering why on earth i have that as my tital?! well, Kemp is watching Emper's New Groove. its SO SO funny!!!!!! if you have ever seen it, you will know what i mean. i love quoting movies. its a very fun past time that me and emma do all the time. so this post is dedicated to the movie qouter lovers.

anyway, i don't have much to say... say! i have an idea!! leave me comments and tell me your favorite movie quote(s), and what movie its from. this will be fun.. lol


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

for carey

so, in order that Carey won't fall apart, i will write another post.

i'm dreadfully sick... i can't breathe, and i can hardley move... i feel AWFUL!!!! its quite bad.

i don't have anything more to say.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

finger football

so i'm listening to Dad and John play finger football... dad is creaming john... 25 to 0... john is getting frustrated. its pretty funny.

well i'm getting ready to go to Youth Group tonight. its gonna be fun. we are going to do a lot of fun things together this year. its nice that i'm finally old enough to be in the youth group.

YEA!! ~RICH is HOME!!!!!! now all we have to do is get Jenny Jo (aka Jj) home safely too!!!! now, no more going off to other dangrous countries!!

well i don't have much to say, so i guess i'll go now!! ttyl!!


p.s. now the score is 35 to 14, in dad's favor.. lol

Sunday, February 13, 2005

will YOU be my Valentine?

soooo... i hope everyone is having a jolly day. mine has just been peachy. i had a piano recital today. it went pretty good. i hate piano recitals... they are very nerve-racking...

i am quite nervous about wolfpackgirl!! we need to rescue her from smk!!! does anyone have a plan of battle? btw, i haven't heard from UDave #2. maybe he is just trying to lay low for awhile...?

so friday we went and sent in a thingie to get my passport!! yea yea!! its gonna be awesome going to Europe!! we didn't think that it would take long to get the passport, so Addie stayed in the car. well, it turned out to be a 2 hour wait. and addie was stuck in the car the whole time, and couldn't open the door, or the alarm would go off!! hahahhahahaha.. so she called us, and we went and saved her... it was really funny. dad kept laughing about it, so he shared the whole story with the people in the post office... it was really funny!! then mother and daddy surprised us and took us to the circus!! it was so much fun!! i LOVE the circus!! its great!! maybe one day i'll run off and join the circus... how fun would that be!!!!

welp, i have to go!! have a grrrrrate valentine's day!! x's and o's!!


Monday, February 07, 2005

long time no bloggy

hey everyone!! sorry i have not written in a while... go to that link!! its great!

so another super bowl has come and gone. thankfully, no wardrobe malfunctions (sp?) were made during the half time show. it was so sweet and adorable. it was so cool to see Paul do the half time show. he is so cool. when i'm 61, i want to be just like him... hahaha lol

so for those who didn't know, La Fondaemma is going to the Ragge capital of the world. thats right. La Fondaemma will be heading to Jamaica in June for a missions trip. i think thats tottally trippin'. so by the time emma gets back, then i'm heading for Europe, then i get back and a few weeks later will be at the beach, and then addie is off to college!! this is gonna be a crazy summer. i'll be out of town or state every month this summer. when will i have time for my tan?? ;) jk

so, its like 55 degrees all this weekend. so irritating. i'm ready for some winter weather!!

well i hope this update is pleaseing to y'all!!