Wednesday, March 09, 2005

is it all over?

sooo... i'm wondering if this blog faze is over? cause no one isn't really blogging anymore, and its a sad story. i remember the days where everyday i would get on here and there would be tons of comments and new posts. its really sad that the family blog faze is over. it was quiet fun.

so just today, i found out i was accepted into Wesleyan. i'm really excited. last monday i went to the school, and met the principle, and addie came in and showed me around the school. its gonna be tottally flippin' to go there. its a really nice school, and i'm looking forword to a change. though its really kinda sad that this is my last year homeschooling. its been really fun doing that. and i'm really glad i've been homeschooled. but i'm kinda ready for a new experience. its gonna be cool. but it will be a little hard. its gonna be completly different then what my past 9 years of schooling have been like. but i look forword to it. they even have Chick-fl-a day!! and pizza hut day!! haha ;)

well, i have to go. i'll be a talkin' to y'all later!!!!


p.s. does anyone know when Jenny Jo is coming home?